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Hi y’all, if you could see me now you would see a little blush of embarrassment on my cheeks, but only a little because I have always been known for saying exactly what is on my mind. I decided when I hit “publish” a couple of days ago that I was choosing to be honest with exactly where I was and how I was feeling. What’s the point of this anyway if I can’t be me! The truth is the new year rolled around and things didn’t look so new. Things that I had hoped would be different this time last year were pretty much the same. Situations that I thought would surely be turned around by now, you guessed it, the same! So I lost hope! But praise God it was only for a teeny bit, I think I would die without hope. Honestly!! I have hope because the Creator of the Universe sees me!  That he loves me! That he has a plan and purpose for my life beyond anything I could hope or imagine!  Has anything around me changed? Nope? But I changed my mind…today I’m singing a new song!