I LOVE old people! I do! Now I’m not talking about old people like Madonna at the Super Bowl half-time show.  My goodness! I was afraid that she was going to break her hip! As my 9-year-old grandson would say “Awkward”! No, I mean real old people.  The octogenerarians. Our kitchen window neighbor just recently turned 50 and his parents came to celebrate with him.  My neighbor’s dad swept the front and back porch every day? Maybe twice.  What is with that?  My mother was always sweeping the porch too.  It makes me feel like somehow I missed some important lesson that has to do with sweeping the porch…that it is somehow therapeutic! We blow our porches off every now and then, but where is the rhythm in that? But that generation has some serious porch sweepers! But to run across porch sweepers with a sense of humor…that’s my favorite! We walked across their well swept porch for a little game of bingo and birthday cake and shared such a sweet evening full of laughter!

Thanks neighbor for sharing your porch sweepers with us, and happy birthday!