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You have to understand that when one of us girls has a birthday around here we like for it to be life-changing! We like to ask questions like,  “Is this the best haircut, hair color?” and, “Should I wear this lipstick color?”, “Do these jeans make my butt look big?”, stuff like that.  So after evaluating hair color for the birthday girl Holly, we did indeed decide that her brown hair was a tad bit “mousy”.  So the birthday girl got highlights from me and her dad! (Thanks Peyton!) So in honor of the blonder Holly I thought it only appropriate to have a Tangled theme party!

Holly had requested paper plates,  a laid back, burgers on the grill kind of night so I was eager to oblige!

Then presents! You can’t tell much about that hair color here but it is good!

Captive audience!

Could we get one more person on that couch?

Poor Cheryl is running out of lap! We look forward to meeting our new grandson SOON!

Just about every time we all get together the games come out and this night was no different!  A little Go Fish and Guess Who.

We ended the night cuddled up and watching the season premier of Swamp People! If you don’t know what Swamp People is I don’t even know what to say…you haven’t lived. Or at least you haven’t lived with little boys! (I will say the language seemed worse last night when those gators would almost bite their arms off! Not good!)

So Holly Kaye Haun Smith, I love you! I had so much fun celebrating you last week! (Yes, I said week!) I love you and yours and cannot imagine my life without you! I pray that this coming year is full of wonderful, beautiful, amazing things!