My grandkids call me “Honey”. I heard somebody called that years ago, before I even had any hope of grandkids, and new that is what I wanted to be called.  So the second those babies sucked their first breath of air I referred to myself as “Honey”. You know, “Honey loves you”,  “want some of Honey’s ice cream”, stuff like that.  I noticed that when one of my grandsons, Beau, talks about to me to somebody else, he calls me what sounded like “grandmoll”. The first time was when we all had the flu and he told his kindergarten teacher that he had to stay home from school and take care of his “grandmoll”!!! He is a very funny child, I can only guess what he envisioned when he imagined himself “taking care of sick, ole, grandmoll”!!  Only when I received this beautiful Valentine recently did I understand that it really is “grandmoll”!

Now I understand that just to hear these sweet things call you anything is wonderful but I am certainly glad that I chose “Honey”. I hear my friends say things like, “Well, I’m just going to wait and let them call me whatever they want.” Psssh! You better watch out…you might be “Grandmoll”!!