I haven’t been involved in a Bible study for a while and now I find myself not only involved in one but two! I am loving it and hating it.  Loving that it is causing me to look into the Word of God, look at my own shortcomings, but then overcome with the faithfulness of God! Hating that it is stretching me, taking me out of my comfort zone, knowing all the while that this is a very good thing!! So if you are wondering why I have been a little quiet…that’s what has been going on over here, along with birthdays, grandchildren and all those other things! One of the Bible studies that I am leading is a post-abortive study.  If I could ever figure how to put a tab up I would love to tell you my story.  Maybe when the studies are done and I have more time.  I am technically challenged and this whole blog thing has been a HUGE learning curve.  My pile of books and my fire are calling me! Later…